Thursday, November 17, 2011

Yep. That's a pregant belly.

There's a baby girl in there!
So I'm just about 23 weeks (that's a little over 5 months now) and it's pretty clear that there's a baby on board. 

She's starting to become pretty active these days. She loves to headbutt my bladder on a regular basis, especially when I'm at work...usually on a conference call or on the phone with a client. Pretty much when it's most inconvenient. She also loves to wiggle around when I settle into bed for the night.  Since her inner ear is developing, it's probably because she senses the shift in my position and is getting comfortable herself. Paul can feel her kick, and the other morning she kicked me so hard that I saw my stomach move.  It was kind of creepy. But really cool.

Been trying to stay active, but I'm just so freaking tired this week.  We did go to our neighbors' wedding last weekend and had a blast.  Was so much fun, even being the DD! In between the ceremony and the reception, we hit up the bar. Naturally.
Smile!  You have a designated driver!
As my belly grows, I'm dealing with the usual stuff...round ligament pain (NOT FUN), bloating, back pain, general crankiness.  But, all things considered I am still very healthy and lucky to be feeling as good as I do.  Sometimes when I start complaining about back pain and stuff, I feel like a real asshole because there are so many women out there who would do anything to be pregnant...

If you've read this far - WOW.

For those of you who haven't heard, we have decided to name our daughter Parker Morgan.  Morgan is Mumsie's maiden name...and Parker was just kind of pulled out of thin air. Needless to say, Mumsie was really excited that we chose Morgan as a middle name.  She'd been hinting, sometimes subtly, sometimes not, that we should name the baby after her in some way.  What she didn't know, is that we had that picked out long before she decided to drop a hint. ;)

Okay.  I'm really tired.  We had a big night - it's Paul's birthday so we went out for Hibachi at Kome Steak was delicious.  I am not looking forward to the soy-induced bloating in the morning.  Guess it's time to go fill my water glass...

Until next time - wish us and little Parker well!!

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