Friday, December 30, 2011

Our little family has (almost) landed!

Well, it has been a whirlwind over the last few weeks. Paul frantically packed up the house, I finished my stint at Merrill Lynch, and started my new (old) job at OppenheimerFunds. Well, I don't know if I have really started...I just went in yesterday so I could make an appearance before year-end for administrative purposes. Since I technically started before year-end, they are reinstating my benefits and granting me maternity leave when Miss Parker arrives in January. What a blessing. I mean, let's be realistic here. Who hires a woman who is seven months pregnant? I suppose after a rough time this year, our family deserved a break.

Paul really had his work cut out for him. Because of the pregnancy, I have been really limited as to what I can do to help him pack up the house. As my belly has been growing substantially, bending, turning, tying my shoes,picking things up...these have all become more difficult. And as Parker grows, she is taking up more space in my abdomen, leaving less room for things like my stomach,my lungs, etc. So I get out of breath quite easily.

But back to my original point, Paul deserves a freaking medal for pretty much packing up the whole PA house and loading it into two PODS. All I did was pack up my shoes (VERY important) and a few things here snd there around the house. He is currently driving across the country, towing the Mini Cooper with the dog and two cats in the truck. I do not envy him and am so grateful for his willingness to get shit done.

Doesn't this look like the exact opposite of fun?
What a hot mess.
He will arrive on New Year's Day - what a great way to start off 2012!

Since my spoiled self just had to get on an airplane and fly back to Colorado...I have had the past couple of days to spend with friends and family. Below is a picture of me and Jes finally accomplishing the "Belly Bump" that we have been talking about for the past six months or so.

Belly bump!!
So while we wait for Paul and our household items to arrive (PODS get here on the 12th), I am getting to spend some much-needed time with friends and family.  I stay with my parents on the weekend, and with Matt and Jes during the week, since it's much closer to my work.  Lucky Matt and Paul - two pregnant ladies under the same roof!

Mumsie and Dad get a kick out of how active Parker is...sometimes my Dad just looks at my belly and laughs.  It is pretty comical - I am really starting to look ridiculous!!

But it's great to be back.  When I flew in, I of course had to take an aisle seat...and the people next to me slept with the window closed the whole way, so I wasn't able to see the scenery below until we started our approach into Denver.  They opened the shade, I saw the mountains and downtown Denver and started crying once I realized that I didn't have to leave again in a few days.  I was a pregnant mess. :)  But a happy mess, which I think is totally acceptable.

THEN - I saw an old friend on my way home from work the other day...when you're away you really forget what a large mountain Pikes Peak is.  And not just tall, (14,110 ft for my friends outside of Colorado,) but it's also one of the largest in terms of land mass.  It's just freaking huge.  And gorgeous with the snow on it.  *sigh*

So once Paul gets here, I'll feel a little more settled.  I already have a doctor here, and I'll see her on Tuesday to make sure Parker is still on track.  Also - it's super exciting that I will be having her at Sky Ridge hospital. It's a really nice hospital, close to home, and there's a chance that Jes and I could have our girls at the same time! Wouldn't that just be cool??

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