Sunday, August 28, 2011

Boy or girl? Home tests and superstitions provide conflicting results

SO, as impatient as I am...I don't want to wait another month to find out the sex of the baby.  I want to know if I'm buying blue or pink things!  SO, I've tried out a couple of things.

1. Intelligender test.  Bought at Rite Aid for $29.99, this handy at-home gender test is yet another in a series of 'pee on this' or 'pee in this' tests that I'll have to contend with throughout being pregnant.  So, I followed the instructions and conducted the test first thing in the morning, went step by step, and here's what I saw:
That color looks like a match to me!
No match here!

According to the company, and the articles I read online about this test, it's 90% accurate after the 10th week.  I was at the end of my 11th week, so I'm curious to see if I will fall into the 90% or the 10%.

2. Needle test.  A couple of my coworkers insisted on having someone in to perform this gender prediction test on Friday.  Basically it's a needle stuck into the end of a pencil, attached to a string and wrapped around a finger.  You then take the contraption and hold it above your wrist.  If it swings one way, it's a girl.  The other, it's a boy.  It went in the direction of a girl.  Who knows.

Update - I just Googled this thing, and it said if it goes in a circle, it's a girl, and if it goes side to side, it's a boy.  This one went side to side.  So, again, who knows.

3. Chinese Calendar gender prediction.  I have decided that this is absolute hogwash.  Depending on which calendar you look at, you can get the answer you want.  I realized this after I looked at one, went to another link, found another calendar and got a completely different result with the same input.  Whatever.

Boy or girl?  Who knows.  I'll believe it when I see it.

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