Sunday, August 28, 2011

Well, I suppose it's time to make this public.

As most of my close friends and family are aware...I'm pregnant!  I'm just about at the end of the first trimester, and I've been fortunate enough to not have to deal with any typical first-trimester issues...which mainly means - NO MORNING SICKNESS.  I think I'm close enough to the end of my first trimester that I can say that out loud without having to feel like I have to knock on wood immediately for fear of jinxing myself.

The pregnancy so far has been relatively uneventful...which is a good thing.  Well, let me rephrase that.  Not completely uneventful, but nothing bad has been going on. 

My waistline has started expanding, I'm hungry all the time, and I am getting up at least once (if not twice) a night to pee.  My doctor says that's a good thing because it means I am staying hydrated.  It feels like my body is punishing me for trying to be healthy.  Oh well. Speaking of being healthy...

Eating healthy is EX-PEN-SIVE.  Every time I go to Wegman's I spend at least $80.  Between all the fruits, vegetables, and dairy I am supposed to consume, along with all the whole adds up quickly. There are a lot of convenience foods I am supposed to skip (like macaroni and cheese - how I miss thee) and meats and veg are supposed to be all organic.  Truth be told, I skip the organic on a lot of stuff, but not on the meat.  I can always wash the fruits and vegetables really really well, but you can't wash the hormones out of a chicken breast (gross).

Doing my best to eat healthy.  The staples of my diet are water, Vietnamese Food, Chobani yogurt packed with fruit, home made trail mix and low-fat string cheese.  But sometimes this girl just wants a handful of Cheetos, or half a dozen chocolate chip cookies. Below is a picture of my water cup that follows me everywhere and is the reason I have to get up multiple times at night to pee.  Friend or foe?  You decide.
Friend or foe?
The first ultrasound was a few weeks ago.  It was an interesting experience...we got to hear the heart beat.  It was amazing because this tiny tiny heart was racing at around 138 BPM.  No wonder I'm so exhausted all the time!!  We got a few pictures...they're really fuzzy and it's hard to make out what the hell you're looking at, but oh well.  Figured I would post it anyway.  I should be getting some better pictures this coming week when I go in for some scary, but necessary, tests.
Tiny, tiny baby!  Just under 1 inch at this time. Don't laugh at my tail!  You had one when you were this small, too.
Since this picture was taken, the baby has now more than doubled in size, has human-like features (fingers, toes, arms, legs, knees, elbows, eyes, nose, ears,) and is moving around like crazy...thought I can't really feel it just yet.

Boy or girl?  Don't know yet...but I have tried a few tests to figure it out.  I can't wait to find out, hopefully they'll tell me next week.

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