Wednesday, September 28, 2011

I want to eat everything in sight.

Sixteen Weeks!

Now at the end of my fourth month, the baby is about the size of an Avacado, and it's home is about the size of a small melon.  It's going to double in size over the coming two weeks. It can sense light, though its eyes aren't open yet. Eyebrows are growing too.  Looking more and more like a tiny person every day.

In the never ending battle between good vs. evil (read: healthy vs. junk food), I think right now it's about a tie. Today I ate a donut, yogurt and raspberries/strawberries, an apple, a small handful of peanut butter M&Ms and some leftover enchilada casserole. I think I need to start working some V8 in to my diet. 
Paul is really excited that my boobs are also about the size of a small melon... The Girfriends' Guide to Pregnancy calls that a visit from the titty fairy.  Apparently it's a reward for the dads-to-be for putting up with a crazy pregnant lady for 9 months.  And I definitely have enough crazy to go around. Okay.  Maybe that's too much information.

Tomorrow morning I go for an additional blood draw...shouldn't be a big deal.  Next visit to the doctor is next week, and we find out the sex of the baby on November 1st.  Stay tuned for updates and more ultrasound pictures.  Are you sick of ultrasound pictures yet??

In a few weeks, my parents will be here to visit.  I'm getting used to the fact that already people aren't really coming to visit me, they're coming to visit the baby.  The baby will probably be moving around by that point, I'm sure they'll like that!

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