Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Baby's first road trip.

The lime-sized baby, Paul, Rhyme and I piled into the truck this Labor Day weekend for a quick road trip to Kentucky.   I thought riding in the car for an extended period of time would be a challenging endeavor, with my 'frequent pottying' and general puffyness...but it really wasn't that bad.  We split up the trip and left Allentown on Friday night, shaving about 4 hours off of our 9.5-10 hour drive. 

Arriving in Kentucky Saturday afternoon, we stopped at Wendy's for lunch.  I was IMMEDIATELY in culture shock - I forgot how polite and nice the people are out here.  Even the lady in the Wendy's drive through, OVER THE SPEAKER BOX, said "Thank you, have a nice day!".  I thought I was on another planet there for a little while, people on the East Coast are generally so rude and discourteous.  Sometimes I really miss it here.

We came out here to visit Mila and Sarah, two of my colleagues from my job out here that have remained good friends...even though now I've actually been gone longer than I actually lived in Kentucky. It's funny how some people you just know you'll always be in touch with over the years. Rhyme is also enjoying his visit with Jasper, Mila's cat. I don't think Jasper is enjoying Rhyme's visit nearly as much.
This is Jasper: Petite and adorable!  Not Rhyme's best friend.
Of course, the baby has been very well-fed since we've been out here. Last night we went over to Scott and Heather's (two other colleagues/friends from when we lived here) for dinner and baby got to try a Smoked Habanero BBQ-something sauce. I know most pregnant women cannot deal with spicy food, but that's ALL I crave day and night. There was also a fabulous 'pregnant lady drink'. It had lemonade, limeade ginger ale and something else in it. Almost tasted like a margarita, and Heather reminded me that it's even better with vodka in it. :) OF COURSE IT IS! I certainly miss being able to have a drink with dinner...but who am I kidding. I never had A drink with dinner. Haha.   Anyhow it was a great night, fun to reconnect with old friends.

In Lexington, a Frozen Yogurt craze has taken over.  A local ice cream chain went out of business, and most of the vacant storefronts have been filled with a Frozen Yogurt chain called Orange Leaf.    Let me just say, that this is PREGNANT LADY HEAVEN.  There are about 10-15 different flavors of frozen yogurt (and, of course, you can twist together amazing combinations like Birthday Cake Batter and Brownie Batter, Granny Smith Apple and Caramel, and more), a whole buffet of toppings and it's SELF SERVE.  Freaking genius.  The spoons are appropriately shaped like shovels. Preggo like.  I told Paul he should open up one of these places in Allentown, it would be a huge success.  Though, he should probably not do it while I'm pregnant because I'd just eat all the profits.

You're not allowed to visit Lexington without visiting a good restaurant with amazing Southern Ramsey's.  This is a Hot Brown.  It's pretty much one of the most amazing things you will ever eat.  It consists of (starting from the bottom) two pieces of grilled bread, a slice of ham, a slice of turkey, cream gravy, twp tomatoes (gotta have something healthy on there), and is topped with cheese and two slices of delicious bacon.  Yes, it's a heart attack on a plate, but everything in moderation...
Preggo hungry
Preggo full...
We had a great time on the trip - and look forward to going back sometime in the near future.   But another 9-10-hour road trip probably won't be happening again for a long time. And...I'm okay with that.

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  1. Hey Meg! I'm stalking you and your pregnant self on your blog. Kentucky sounded like a calorie busting blast! We have an Orange Leaf here in Little Rock and I want to go there about every day and I'm not even preggers. Ha! The Hot Brown sounds absolutely wicked and delicious.
    Take care.