Thursday, October 27, 2011

Halfway there!

Wednesday marked another milestone - 20 weeks!  Which means I am halfway through the pregnancy.  It really went by quickly, though I hear the second half tends to drag out a bit at the end.  This also means that we find out the sex of the baby very very soon.  I go in for my 20-week ultrasound this coming Tuesday, I'm really excited.  In fact, I have even named that day "P or V Day".  You can probably guess what that means.

Mumsie and Dad were in town last weekend to check out my expanding belly.  We had a great time, spent the weekend wandering around.  Saturday I took them to downtown Bethlehem for the day, and it just so happened that it was the day of the "Mutt Strut"...a COSTUMED DOG PARADE.  It was pretty much amazing.  My loser self didn't take any pictures, so thank goodness D was there  snapping away like a proper Asian... :) I am really mad I didn't take more pictures because there were some AMAZING dog costumes.  One guy had a tiny dog dressed as a bee, and he had a full-blown beekeepers outfit.  Anyhow, here are some of D's pictures.

Me and Dad
Elvis dog

Sunday, we went up to Jim Thorpe for their Fall Foliage Festival.  It's freaking gorgeous up there.  Jim Thorpe is the same town where we went hiking a couple of weekends ago.  I took zero pictures and am really mad about that.  I'll have to get better at taking pictures. Paul took this really good one

Jim Thorpe

We also now have a crib and a dresser for the baby and Paul has been frantically getting the room ready.  It's amazing how much progress he has made.  I'm doing my best to hold off on posting pictures of the nursery in progress until we get the crib...which actually just arrived today.  We'll pick it up this weekend.

Here's my halfway point belly picture! It's growing pretty quickly...

Ack! Look at my fat arms!  I'll have to hold them out a little more for the next picture so they look smaller. Ha ha.
I still have a crazy desire to eat everything and anything spicy.  Thank goodness for my friend, Sriracha. Oh how I love how you make even the most boring dishes a delicious, fiery treat.  I hear that most pregnant women don't crave and can't tolerate spicy food.  I consider myself part of the lucky food.  Baby likes spicy!!

Hello, good friend.

Stay tuned for more info on "P or V Day!"

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